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Solar Power ProductionEF123 offers assistance and consultancy in compiling comprehensive lender presentation packages for financing solutions for funding large solar energy power projects for qualified developers. Quick, honest answers provide our clients a realistic expectation of getting their goals accomplished in a timely manner. We have earned recognition for our knowledge and experience in understanding lender's underwriting guides, debt syndicating, PPA and Offtake agreements and all other aspects of  consulting our clients in packaging financing requests for funding  solar energy development projects. For many developments,100% loans are available offering retained assets for sustained operation. Working capital may also be worked into the deal.

Although the sunís rays are free, at least for now, specifically designed complex equipment is required to convert it to electrical power and send it to the grid. The development and start-up costs of these endeavors can be a daunting challenge even to large experienced developers. We. specialize in conventional and unconventional plans for financing and funding solar energy projects. Green renewable power developments require a unique skill set and contact base. We have created special and long term relationships with industry specific commercial lenders and investors. We understand that entrepreneurs are typically risk takers that usually put their own credit and finances at risk.

Possessing extensive industry knowledge, package structuring expertise and underwriting abilities allows us to offer comprehensive solutions to our clientsí strategic needs on renewable solar energy project financing and funding green power developments. We have the experienced investors, lenders, consultants and underwriters to make the process of getting the dream out of the ground and into full operation feeding the grid. To get an idea of how your idea qualifies just complete our online analysis form. We'll reply within twenty four hours with a pre-qualification and the information you need to move to the next step.

Utilizing the sun's powerful rays to provide heat and electricity for the nationís homes and commercial buildings helps to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and conserve our fossil fuel reserves. Because these systems do not emit harmful green house gases, they also help protect the environment. Technologies that take advantage of  the sun's rays can play a major role in promoting the affordable energizing of homes and businesses. This can combine efficiency and renewable power generation to feed the grid. On smaller scales, efficient buildings with their own self-contained capacity can help reduce peak demand. They can also ease the need for expensive new grid generating capacity, transmission, and distributions lines as our economy and power demands grows.

We consult our clients on packaging and assembling executive summaries acceptable by lending sources that make the lender want to say "yes" to the developer's request. Finance includes the assembling of funds to capitalize an economically feasible capital investment. The providers of these funds look mainly to the cash flow from the development as the source of funds to repay their loans. It must offer the return of and a return on the money they invested in the development. A fair ROI is a reasonable expectation of any investor be it debt or equity. In order for us to determine how we can assist you in locating the right money people for your situation, please submit our  Solar Energy Development Analysis Form for Project Preapproval and Quote.  To properly assess the plan, we ask general and specific questions regarding your development.

PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements). Power utilities must be willing and able to sign long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) with renewable power developers. This element is and has been integral to getting developments capitalized. Verbiage containing minimum capacity guarantees are common but there are ways to make this more palatable to the power purchaser utility. They're secure, long-term and hence bankable contracts with established power producer / distributors. Contracts can be driven by rising power demand, plant capabilities and legislation at the state and national level. Municipalities must make long-term plans so they lock in these PPAs so they know that they'll have power available to them into the future. Prudent planning should make them willing to enter into these PPAs. We would like to know how much power can be sold, at what price, and when you get that contract in hand you can go to an investment banker or other source to raise additional capital. We can assist in the PPA negotiation process with off takers because some lenders require specific language for their lending purposes.

Providing expertise in financing for funding and solar energy project developments and green renewable power is what we do quickly and efficiently. The sun is an abundant, free, renewable and clean source that can be utilized to tremendously increase America's and the world's electric generation abilities while reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions. Photovoltaic based cells convert sunlight directly into immediately usable electricity. They are constructed of semi-conductor materials not unlike those used in computer chip manufacturing. The process of converting light to electricity is called the photovoltaic effect. Reflective arrays to generate heat and steam are another method. EF123 is an experienced and qualified provider of financial consulting expertise to the green solar energy project financing and funding renewable developments. 


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